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VISA, Mastercard, Dell and Cisco Systems have been added to a growing list of US companies looking to enter the Cambodian market, according to Frances Zwenig, counsellor of the US-ASEAN Business Council.

The financial services and information technology companies joined GE, Chevron, Johnson & Johnson and several other big US companies during the council’s visit to the Kingdom last week, challenging what Zwenig said was the perception that US companies were interested solely in the Kingdom’s energy sector.

“It’s oil and gas, but people think that’s all. It’s also health care. It’s IT. It’s Mastercard and Visa,” she said.

Chasing China’s rice import potential


Metfone’s major fibre expansion

Metfone has claimed to control more than 80 percent of Cambodia’s fibre-optic network, allowing it to reach every commune in the Kingdom.

The firm said it contributed 16,000 kilometres of fibre-optic backbone to Cambodia’s total of about 20,000 kilometres, citing a February report from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. The last 20 percent was split between Telecom Cambodia and Cambodia Fibre Optic Communication Network Company (CFOCN), the company said.

Metfone, which is owned by Viettel, a subsidiary of the Vietnamese military, claimed its cable deployment, all of which has been done since the company received an investment licence in 2006, was “13 times as high as the total national optical backbone developed by the whole country during previous 10 years”.

“Metfone is currently the owner of the biggest capacity and largest coverage fiber network in Cambodia,” Metfone said in a statement released earlier this month.

While Metfone Managing Director Nguyen Duy Tho did not r…

Nerd Night Phnom Penh Entertainer

Last night, Nerd Night Phnom Penh performed the Mao's a pub near Phnom Penh Night Market. It was a really great show for both Cambodian and expats to relax and listen to interesting topic from various presenters. The most important point for the Nerd Night is we can catch things that we never know or experience. It is like a short to find something new. Great Show!

Cambodia GDP Grows at Second Place in ASEAN

According to IMF and WB studying about GDP of G8, G20, and ASIEN, Cambodia GDP growth is at second place after Singapore. Based on Mr Heng Vanda, President of Vanda Institute, the three main factors that help the growth of Cambodia GDP are tourism, export, and agriculture. The growth will keep continue because the factors above are in good health.

Mr Vanda added Singapore has the highest GDP growth which 8.3, while Cambodia's growth is in the middle of 6.7 to 6.9 and it grows to 7.

Source: Koh Santepheap Daily

The Number of Mobile Phone Operators in Cambodia

In Cambodia, there are 7 main mobile phone operators running. The most active in the media market are Cellcard, Hello, Beeline, and Smart.

Below is the list of the mobile phone operators:
1. Cellcard
2. Hello
3. Smart (Starcell was purchased by Smart)
4. Beeline
5. Metfone
6. Mfone
7. Excel

By: Pisith Phal

Mobile Phone Revenue Per User To Decline

Revenues per user in Cambodia’s mobile phone sector will drop sharply over the next five years, according to global research and consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan.

The company said the average revenue per user – ARPU, a key metric for the industry – would fall to US$3.68 in 2016 from $5.14 last year, as more and more lower-income Cambodians adopted the technology and  increased competit-ion drove down revenues.

“The indication is that things will get worse,” Marc Einstein, Frost & Sullivan’s industry manager for information and communications technologies in the Asia-Pacific, said.

“Profitability growth declines over time in this industry.”

Einstein said the trend could be one catalyst for consolidat-ion in the sector, as less-profitable firms sought to merge with stronger competitors.

He noted that Frost & Sullivan’s figures were based on average revenue per SIM card, and not per person.

As many Cambodians use more than one SIM card, Einstein estimated the t…