TV Stations in Cambodia

In Cambodia, TV is the main media to reach people.  More and more people spending there time on TV, especially housewives. The most popular contents showing on Cambodia television are Khmer Drama, Korean Series, Korean Music, Comedy, Chinese Series, Concert...etc.

There are seven terrestrial television stations in Cambodia
- TV3 Cambodia
- Apsara Television (TV11)
- Bayon Television (Channel 27)
- Cambodian Television Network (CTN)
- Khmer Television (TV9)
- National Television of Cambodia (TVK and TVK2)

There are three main cable TV in Cambodia. Those cable TV showing both local and foreign contents, and the number of household subscript to cable TV is significantly increasing due to rich contents of cable TV.

- DTV STAR Co., Ltd (TV, Internet, IP Phone)
- Cambodian Cable Television (CCTV)
- Phnom Penh Cable Television (PPCTV)

According to suggestion by ASEAN, Cambodian televisions will be switched to DVB-T in 2015.

By: Pisith Phal


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